To measure your current browband, lay it flat and measure it from very end to end. Below are our standard sizes.

Standard Size Inch
Shetland 12”
Small Pony 12.5”
Pony 13”
Large Pony 13.5”
Cob 14”
Large Cob 14.5”
Full 15”
Large Full 15.5”
Warmblood 16”


Browband Care:

  • We recommend storing your browband flat UNTIL it has been used, once it has been used, keep it stored on a curve.
  • Where possible, we recommend spraying your browband with scotchguard.
  • To clean your browband, we recommend using a tooth brush and warm water.
  • Do not let your horse rub with the browband on.
  • We recommend that you do not use your browband in heavy showers of rain or submerge it in water.